Tips for Buying a Used House

You, owning your own home is a dream for everyone. However, the current price of new occupancy makes people think about buying a house.
Not infrequently from them glancing at a used house. Yes, buying a second-hand house is an alternative to meeting residential needs. Besides the price is more sloping than a new house, another advantage of buying a used house is that the house can be directly occupied.

First, buy a house without an intermediary. It is better to buy used housing directly to the owner so they can ask the owner directly, for example the reason for the house to be sold and the condition of the house. Another advantage is that it is free to negotiate so that used houses can be obtained at lower prices because the seller does not use intermediaries.

Second, choose the right broker. If you already fall in love with a house and have to buy it through an intermediary, make sure the broker can be trusted. You can ask the relationship about a trusted broker or can use property brokerage services that are well known and have high credibility. They will usually provide services to manage the sale and purchase documents and help manage the mortgage if they want to buy a house on credit.

Third, knowing the age of building houses. Well, the age of the house also affects the price of the house to be purchased. If it is less than 10 years, the house is classified as new. The age of 10 years and 20 is classified as moderate, while the age of 20 years and above is old. If the house has been repaired, it can be asked when it was last renovated. What can be known is the quality of the material, the type of structure, and the quality of the process. Houses that are getting older, of course the quality is getting lower. If interested, too much money needs to be prepared for renovation.

Fourth, pay attention to the home environment. The environment is very important to note, so you feel comfortable and safe when living in the house. Road access can also be considered if it requires extensive roads to park vehicles.

Fifth, check the complete legality. must look at the house certificate or certificate of ownership (SHM), building permit certificate (IMB), proof of payment of taxes, and others. Don’t forget to make sure the name listed on the certificate is the same as the name of the home seller. If not the same, ask immediately to return the name. This stage is very important because it involves the law of ownership. Do not let a dispute arise later.
Sixth, check the market price of the house. For your consideration before buying a used house, you can check what the market price is in an area. That way, there is a price benchmark for bargaining.