Strategies Really Buy a New House

You really need an accurate strategy if you want to buy a new home. Yes, besides it’s really hard to find a suitable home – just like looking for a mate, just a little mistake can regret it forever. Not to mention the risk of being deceived by rogue developers.
Especially for the first home buyer, usually there will be a lot of consideration, a lot of wants, which in the end will become confused. And so as not to experience disappointment and also avoid losses, then see the exact strategy of buying a new home.

• Make a comparison
After finding the ideal home, do a comparison of the houses that will be purchased with housing that is in a nearby location both in terms of design, building quality, facilities, and also the price.
For simplicity, take advantage of property reviews that are only available in detail and transparent housing material specifications, infrastructure development plans around the site, and price comparisons with other residential areas.

• Gather Information
Collect all information as complete as possible regarding the housing to be purchased. Starting from the legality such as the status of land and buildings, facilities and excellence, and so forth. And if the house is not ready for stock or pivot, make sure that the delivery time is clear.
This is also important, do not buy a house in a housing that many speculators buy because the housing will definitely be quiet residents. This will affect the development of resale prices, if you want to have a home with high capital gains.

• Survey Directly to His Home
Pay attention to the conditions of the surrounding environment starting from access to location, environmental security, cleanliness, and so forth. If the house is ready stock carefully the condition of the building, layout, and interior of his house. Explore each room and ask all details to the owner or developer.

• Learn Market Prices
Collect and compare the prices of houses in the area with the same type or type of house. By studying the price market, prices will be found that are fairly reasonable and inexpensive, even if they are used as investments.

• Ask for Third Party Opinions
Ask for opinions from other parties for your dream home. The third party that needs to be consulted includes a spouse, family, and maybe also a friend.
And that is no less important is the assessment of professional property agents that you can find in understanding developments and price movements in their area of ​​specialization.

• Choose a mortgage bank smartly
Each bank generally has many choices and also attractive offers related to payment schemes and installment interest rates. Compare several banks, and choose the best and best for you.
Check out tips on how to repay the house for you.

• Take advantage of Notary Services
If you buy cash, use the services of a Notary to help with the purchase transaction process. Remember, the legal problem in buying and selling houses is complex, complicated, and requires legal certainty. And in order to minimize the risk of crime, make a payment by bank transfer.