Muslim Umma Application, Provide Azan Schedule to Ustaz Lectures

Towards the holy month of Ramadan, the application made by the country’s children, Umma, is ready to provide information and content services around Islam. Umma is a platform that provides Qur’an recitation, prayer schedules, adhan and services for Muslims.

Umma Ramadhan is called differently from other Muslim applications, because it is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and community features.
At present, the content in the Umma application has been filled with more than 80 popular clerics and scholars. There are three main features, first the supporting features of worship. Users will know the prayer times and Qibla direction at any location with the help of GPS. AI in this service will offer recommendations of various verses of the Koran

Then, there are content features, consisting of various articles and videos of studies and lectures. The content has also been adapted to AI. Finally, it is a community feature, facilitating …