How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling


Nobody wants to leave money on the table when selling a house.  The following are some steps you can take to make sure you sell your home for everything it’s worth and more- while leaving the sellers feeling like they got the better deal out of things.


Dress It Up

Your home was that house that you lived your life in made your own, and have endless memories.  Unfortunately, a part of selling is in clearing those memories away. Stage your home as though it’s just torn from the pages of an interior design catalog.


There are services to help with this, and rental companies that will lend high-cost furniture for a fee, but don’t skip this step.  Houses sell faster, and for more, when they give off the vibe of being high class and well maintained.


Clean It

I can’t state this enough, make sure your home gets scrubbed from shingles to floorboards.  Dust corners that nobody’s touched in years to wipe and paint to get rid of scuffs on walls and power wash your sidewalks and driveway.  Clean your windows, deep clean your bathrooms, and take away any mote of grunge and dirt that you can.  Sweep, mop, vacuum, rent a carpet cleaner if you have to.  Treat your house like you’re trying to sanitize it down to its barest fibers.

When house hunting, people don’t want to see a project to clean, maybe to build upon, but definitely not to clean.


Paint It

If the walls, siding, front door, or even mailbox, are needing a fresh coat of paint, this is the time to do it.  You don’t have to go with all neutral colors, a pop of color like a red mailbox or front door can draw in more buyers.  Give your house just enough personality to grab people’s attention, but keep the rest of your home a clean slate with which they can do anything.


Replace Appliances

This option is more expensive because appliances can cost thousands to replace, but the return is always high.  Shoppers want an updated and clean kitchen that they won’t have to put any money into updating it themselves. A ready-to-go modern kitchen lets customers focus on what they’d do in the room, rather than what they’d have to do to it.


Look for deals on appliances- the cost of selling a house is already enough to make you need to save some money where you can.  Try to find modern fridges, with french doors and ice and water on one side.  It may seem simple but simple sells.


Small Changes

Little changes, like replacing handles on cabinets and doors, replacing lighting fixtures, and painting the molding to match the wall colors in your home, so your ceiling seems higher, can make a collective impact.  Make sure that you don’t do a ton of tiny things to add personality and catch people’s eye- you don’t want to overwhelm buyers. You bought the house first: you see value in it, help others understand that value as well.