A Nice New Garden

Are you planning to take care of your own garden soon? A garden is an important place. You will spend a lot of time there, for example in the summer. The garden is also an important place because you always have a view of the garden from your house. When you have a beautiful garden, you will surprise your guests with the beautiful environment that is all yours. Do you want to know what you can do with your garden? Then read on.

Tight and smooth

A well-known material for your garden is stone. You can easily build a terrace with stones or, for example, lay a path from your garden to your barn door. You can use different types of stones in your garden: small stones, large stones, round stones, square stones, or rectangular stones. In addition to the type of stone, you can also look at, for example, the color stones that you think suit your garden or you can look at the pattern or structure of the stone that you might like.

No accidents

When you choose stones, this is not always a good option for children. They do like to stumble. To give them as soft a landing as possible, a grass field may be a good solution. You can easily create a lawn yourself by using grass seed. It is best to place the grass seed at the beginning of the year. in addition to the grass seed, you can also use lawn feed. Lawn feed ensures that you fertilize the grass seed. Using lawn feed with grass seed is most beneficial to them in the second and third months of the year. You can get lawn feed at a store near you, but you can also order lawn feed online. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy a very beautiful lawn in the summer.

Or a combination?

You can think about using the two materials mentioned above separately, but you can also choose to use and combine both materials. For example, you can make a terrace with stone tiles and a way to the gate or something and fill the rest with grass. This way you don’t have to walk through the grass to walk to a place, but you can walk there via a path. How delicious is that? This way you can walk through the grass with your bare feet and walk to the shed in your slippers.