Which are the Best Locations to Buy a Property in the UK?

The UK is home to some of the most detailed properties in the world. It attracts real estate investors every year. The demand for properties in the UK is on the increase.

Opinions have shown on us-reviews that the amount of time a home is put up for sale before it finds a buyer in the UK has decreased this year compared to the previous year.

The reasons are clear. The UK has the urbanity and growth. Demand for properties also spread from cities to cities. A look at real estate companies’ reviews reveals how the major cities have attracted the largest real estate investors. This could be due in part to the cost of living, social amenities and security.

Here is a list of 5 places if you are looking for the best locations to invest in property in the UK.


Liverpool boasts of one of the highest rental yields in the country and produces some of the best postcodes for buy to let yields. The thriving city is full of opportunities. It is considered the safest large metropolitan areas in the UK. Rental rates are lower compared to other cities. The cost of living index is 31.67% lower than in New York. Looking to buy properties in the UK? Liverpool is your bet.


Next on the list is Birmingham. Birmingham sees incredible demands from real estate investors. As the city’s economy expands, rapid population growth means there would be more new households. Home to the busiest theatre in the UK, Birmingham is safe and the cost of living is reasonably priced. Worth a second on the list.


Based on Zoopla data, Manchester has high rental yields but does not compare to Liverpool. The same thing can be said about its postcodes. Home to the longest-running soap opera, Manchester stands in grace and dynamism. While the city is considered relatively safe, the cost of living index is 29.54% lower than in New York. Worth a third on the list.


Sheffield has some of the best buy-to-let areas and offers great returns for real estate investors. Host to the world’s oldest football club, the green city boasts of economic opportunities. Sheffield is reported as the safest large city in the UK and its cost of living is 34.29% lower than in New York. Worth a fourth on the list.


Leeds has some fine buy-to-let areas at affordable prices. If you don’t have an investment in Leeds, now is the best time to start planning it. This city rewards investors with high rental gains. Brimming with joy, peace and stability, Leeds is a haven for both trade and real estate investors. Leeds is very safe and the cost of living is 35.82% lower than in New York. Worth a fifth.

Final thought

There are many locations in the UK which are best for real estate. These are only 5 out of them. These ones are unique in terms of rental yields, investment viability and economic growth.