In-house HOA management vs. Professional Services: A quick overview

Running a homeowners’ association is more work than people think. A homeowners’ association has a board of members who volunteer to run the show. These are regular residents, who are expected to handle every aspect of the HOA, and expectedly, that often leads to chaos. More communities in Phoenix are choosing professional firms to manage the work of the HOA. Is that a good idea? Should your community consider switching to outsourcing? In this post, we are sharing how phoenix hoa management companies make a difference. 

The pros of a self-managed HOA

  • The first advantage is the lower monthly costs. For many associations, that’s the sole reason to manage the entire work of the HOA through the elected members. 
  • A self-managed HOA is in the hands of the board, which means the members have full control over everything. 

On the flip side

  • Elected members may not have the experience or expertise required to run the association, leading to more errors. 
  • Handling the work of a self-managed HOA is time-consuming, and given that the members have a life outside of the association, there could be serious issues. 
  • There is often a lack of transparency when it comes to self-managed HOAs. It can be hard to review the work of the board. 

The advantages of HOA management services

  1. Expertise is easily the biggest reason for hiring a professional HOA management company. These companies work with hundreds of communities in Phoenix and can offer comprehensive services. 
  2. Because the HOA management company has no conflict of interest, the work is likely to be more transparent. Also, the board continues to retain control of key things, which means that the company continues to be answerable. 
  3. An HOA management company has to work with vendors and contractors all the time, and therefore, they have the necessary contacts and can also negotiate cheap contracts. You can also expect a better quality of life within the community. 
  4. Not to forget, the right company will bring automation and tech with them. From accounting and tax-related work to keeping a tab on projects and collecting dues on time, the HOA management company can do many tasks in an automated mode. 
  5. Finally, hiring a reliable company for HOA management also ensures that the board members have time for vital aspects and concerns. 

Check online now to find the best-rated services in Phoenix and make sure that they have credible experience and exposure in the field.