Better Build a House or Buy a House ?

There are many opinions that are growing about matters related to build your own house. But there are also opinions about buying a house. Then, do you know what the advantages and disadvantages are between building a house vs buying a house?

Sometimes buying a house directly as a result of construction by a developer or architect services can be the right choice. But for some people, choosing to build their own house can be more profitable. Well, here are some facts about building a house vs buying a house for you.

Not everyone can control their expenses well to build their house. Because of that, they prefer to buy a house whose costs have been determined early on. All that remains is to justify compatibility with the design of the house. But in fact, building a house can also be profitable from the expenditure side. Follow the discussion on building a house vs buying a house below.

1. Calculation of costs

Pay is a matter that is often the main consideration. Then, can building your own house be cheaper than buying from a developer? In fact, it’s not that easy in the end. There are more special circumstances.

In some cases, the price of the house offered by the developer can be cheaper. Developers can set low prices by buying large areas of land, buying construction materials wholesale and other aspects. When broken down per house that has been built, it turns out that the selling price can be more affordable.

Building your own house is the same, sometimes because it can be built in stages, it can be cheaper than installments to the developer. But who knows when the development process is gradual, the economic situation may change and the prices of housing needs will also increase.

2. House design

The design of the house starts from its shape; parts such as rooms, kitchen and living room, terrace; You can determine the position of the windows, especially the shape of the door yourself, if you are building a house. If you use the services of a home developer, they can also accept requests according to your wishes. But thinking about the totality of your own home design is certainly not simple. Sometimes even time-consuming and troublesome. Especially for people who don’t have enough data about buildings and architecture.

Unlike buying a house from a developer. Developers certainly do not carelessly ensure the design. It is not possible that the house that was to be built or already built will not sell well because the design does not match. If the design of the house being sold by the developer is what you want, then it will definitely be the right choice. However, finding out which developer made the house to your liking also requires time and research.

3. House Position and environment

When you and your family live in or live in a house, of course you don’t just live in the building. You also need to relate to the area near your house. The position of the house you live in will also affect your daily life.

Overriding the position of the house, you need to think about how far and near it is. Not only that, but also access. How close it is depends on your activities with your family, such as going to the office for work, going to school for children, going to the market for housewives and so on. Access to all of these places from the house you choose or what the developer offers, whether it’s easy or not.

Regarding the area, developers generally buy lots of land which will later be used as a certain area for the caretakers of the houses they build. But if you’re an early buyer and there aren’t any other guardians yet, you’ll be alone yet to have the other person. Some people may prefer this or not.

For those of you who are building a house, you need to look at the land you buy from the position and the environment as well. However, if the land you buy is far from settlements, you will live alone. It may be a while until the land around you is also bought by someone else to build a house or even you have not been neighbors for a long time. In this case, between developers and build themselves almost the same. But there are different. Generally, the house bids sold by developers have listed their environmental systems, for example area security. So that the developer’s house has been equipped with access points and security guards.

4. Build time

For the construction time, building your own house will be more flexible. It is suitable for your own needs. If there is one thing or another in your life, you can stop the construction or resume.

In contrast to home development developers. You can just be offered a house that has been made. So that you can stay immediately after the transaction is completed. Or the developer determines that, after the transaction ends, 1 year or several periods of time after that the house is ready for habitation.

5. Other aspects

There are still various other things that can be taken into consideration when choosing between building yourself or buying from a developer. For example the certainty and legality of existing developer services. In this case, of course, choose a trusted and official developer. Because between building a house and buying from a developer both require a large fee.